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Buy Recycled

What You Can Do

Recycled Glass Goblet from Green Glass Co.Recycling is the collection, separation, processing and marketing of materials so they can be used again. If we don’t buy recycled, we’re not truly recycling. Purchasing products made from recycled materials completes the recycling process by creating the demand for the materials. If we don’t buy recycled, then there is no point in putting products out at the curb.

Click here for a fact sheet on buying recycled.

You can help:

  • Buy recycled paper packaging. Usually, if the unprinted side of the box is grey, it’s made from recycled material
  • Buying in bulk uses less packaging. Put manageable amounts in reusable, smaller containers for daily use
  • Avoid single-use items
  • Stay away from excess packaging such as single-size lunch items
  • Examine the package: recyclable is not the same as recycled. A recycled product is actually made from materials that have been used before.
  • Check where you normally shop for recycled content products. Office supply, grocery stores and general markets carry such items. They aren’t hard to find!
Lumber and Construction

Recycled Denim Insulation: Bonded Logic’s UltraTouch Natural Fiber Insulation is made from 85% post-industrial cotton fiber local distributor: Cinema Quest LLc, 2 Distribution Court, Greer, SC 29650. 864-304-0545

Rubber Mulch

Rubber MulchWould you like a great landscaping product that will also help keep tires from the landfill?

Try rubber mulch! It can be used as playground base, around trees and in flower beds, on walking paths and more.

Benefits are as follows:

  • Made from recycled tires and industrial rubber scrap
  • Does not float
  • 5 times heavier than conventional mulch
  • multiple color and texture options
  • Retains ground moisture
  • Minimizes dust
  • Nontoxic
  • Resists fading and compaction
  • Won’t attract termites/insects

Check out these websites for more information on rubber mulch:


Office Supplies

Want to know where your recycled paper goes?
Want to commit to buying recycled or tree-free paper products?

Recycled Paper Retail locations offering recycled paper products including cards and gift wrap.
Cards, Calendars and Paper Products